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SAP SD Production Order MRP and ATP

What is MRP?
When sales orders are created, it runs MRP based on ATP setup. What is MRP? MRP stands for Material Requirement Planing. It is one of the most complex parts of the ERP system to process Materials planning according to requirements. Before SAP, the ERP system used to be called MRP and over time ERP grew so much that MRP became a small part of the ERP solutions.

What is ATP?
ATP stands for Available to Promise and it is based on Master data and Transactional data, and it also triggers MRP. It is based on user master data setup and Transactional data processing.

How does master data effect MRP?
Material Master Data has four different views for MRP and they all integrate with all different modules.
To view the MRP, the user can look into MD04 for the requirement it is created.

What is Requirement Type?

Requirement types is one of the feature is used for material requirement planing in the process of when material from manufacturing or purchase order or STO or sales order can be move from one location to another location based on requirement.